Side Hustlin'

I know what you are thinking, but that's not what I am talking about. I'm talking about a side hustle that earns extra money...well, I still know what you are thinking. In all seriousness, a side hustle is a great way to earn an additional revenue stream. Long gone are the days of having one job to rely on. If you only have one job, I would recommend finding something else to do to earn extra cash. There are tons of side hustles to choose from today: Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Fiverr, Upwork, and so on.

Having lived through the Great Recession, I will never only rely on one revenue stream. I lost two full-time jobs during that time period and I never want to experience that feeling again. The feeling of being unemployed for months at a time is bad for your mental and physical well-being, not to mention your bank account. Living off unemployment income is nearly impossible, although I'll admit, it was slightly helpful.

Today, I have multiple side hustles. If one revenue stream dries up, I may lose some income, but I won't lose 100% of my income.

Try to turn your hobbies into side hustles. That is the ultimate goal isn't it? Getting paid for doing something you love. If you love sports, maybe try becoming a referee for sporting events. If you like to travel, try starting a travel blog - which may ultimate produce revenue. If you enjoy making arts and crafts, try selling them at a neighborhood market.

I like to make it a goal to earn about 30% of my total income from side hustling. This insures that if I lose my full-time job for any reason, I will have some income to fall back on, so I don't have to dive into my savings. I always like to say: 'never touch the principal', meaning, don't touch the money you have saved up for the future. My father instilled this thinking in me when I was younger. I always used to make fun of him for not wanted to use money he had saved in the bank. Instead, he would work a side job or extra hours to pay for a family vacation, a new car, etc. I now understand his reason for doing so. He was side hustling before side hustling was cool.

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